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Planet light
Galaxy Tailspin Galaxy
Solar System Uppertail
Orbital Position 3rd
Suns 1: Surya
Moons None
Rotation Period 27 hours
Orbital Period 324 days
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Temperate, Polar
Terrain Chocolate mountains,sweet snow glaciers, ocean, sweet grass plains
Gravity Standard
Surface Water 54.7% water
Species Candyfish

Candybug Scoopys Gumdrop Tooties

Language Yummian
Government None
Population Less than 1 million
Major Cities None

Yummi is a planet completely covered in sweets like a giant candy land.


Yummi is named because it is very sweet and...yummy. Why "Yummi" is spelled with an "I" is uncertain.


The surface of Yummi is sweet land except for a large ocean, the Soda Cream Sea. The polar regions are covered in a cold mixture of ice icream and italian ice.



Candybugs are small flying candies. They look like peppermints with wrapper-like wings much like the peppermints found in stores. These creatures enjoy feasting on anything minty and sugar-snow.


This tasty creature is a large, rainbow-colored candy fish. It looks like a giant multicolored bubble gum pop. It lives in the Soda Cream Sea along with other water species.


Gingermin are like gingerbread people, a popular species on the planet. The closest to humanoid, they live in gingerbread houses and keep other candy creatures as pets.


The most populous species on the planet, gumdrops can survive almost anywhere on land. Although they can move by hopping around, Gumdrops are usually found unmoving on the side of the road. They can make good pets when trained.


Mellos are another popular species on the planet. These creatures look like bunnies. However they are made of marshmellows. They will live anywhere except near extreme heat like Redhot Volcano, where they will burn.


Scoopies are round balls of sherbet that live at the poles and move around by hopping and rolling. They can often be found swimming around near italian ice glaciers.


Dog-like and loyal, tooties look much like tootsie rolls with eyes at one end. They make great pets and are often found roaming in packs.

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