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Yukyo Seigonus
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Biographical Information
Race Terran
Age Late 20s
Land of Origin Warudo
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Unspecified
Weapon Laserbow
Power Nothing beyond average Terran abilities
Political Information
Occupation Captain in the UFCL Peacekeeper Corps
Allies Burke Vestille
Coates Lotalah
Goroku Himei
Raye Dessko
Other allies vary by mission
Enemies Depends upon mission objectives

Yukyo Seigonus is a female Terran member of the UFCL Peacekeeper Corps, under the command of Captain Vestille alongside Coates, Goroku, and Raye. Like other members of her team she prefers unconventional weaponry not considered standard equipment by the UFCL - in her case she wields a laser bow.



She has a more feminine personality when compared to her teammate, Raye. While she definitely wears clothes one could consider "girly" and even sexy, this femininity of hers even goes so far as to involve her to display aesthetic hologram "stickers" about her cabin. She enjoys gabbing about her favorite musicians and current heartthrob celebrities throughout the UFCL, although she regularly keeps it to herself as she does not find a willing ear in Raye, the only other female on her squadron. One of her favorite bands is the Crescendolls.


Yukyo is a typical Terran female, though she is well trained in the use of laserbows (bows which fire lasers instead of utilizing arrows). Unlike some Human descendant races such as Diakatanian Humans, Yukyo is unable to naturally tap into the quantum fields to utilize what many refer to as magic. Instead, she has been known to install manadrives into her UFCL Peacekeeper Corps uniform in order to keep up with planetary inhabitants who are capable of utilizing magic; this however is technologically driven instead of being an actual ability of his.

Yukyo's bow is unique as it has been heavily modified to allow her to convert it into a set of armored pauldrons during moments where defending oneself is far more important than an ability to deal damage. The bow's laser "string" also converts itself into an arm blade, allowing Yukyo to still perform melee combatant skills, though her level of expertise pertains mostly towards defensive strikes.


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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Initially named Ukyo, her name was changed over a decade later, as that was during a time that Somarinoa was still learning to be an otaku back in high school and used names he learned from various anime. Ukyo's name originates from Ranma ½'s Ukyo Kuonji.
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