Ulro Galiph
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Biographical Information
Race Diakatanian Human
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Trapezio, Stormhand
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Weapon Large hand claws
Power Grandmaster Mimicry
Political Information
Occupation Mime
Allies Divine Errant
King Taius
Enemies Vuul'huukos
Cult of Bone

Ulro Galiph, also known as "the Fierce Tiger", is a former mime, operating as a knight errant amongst the second Divine Errant.



He owns very little personal belongings, with his most treasured possession being a cat.


Ulro has learned to use his background talents of mimicry in the midst of battle.


Ulro has an intense love of his pet cat.

Being a silent individual, he has had a somewhat distant working relationship with King Taius and the rest of the Divine Errant: Arrhen Remato, Atella Istemo, Aximo Coimet, Ceno Mito, Duke Waller, Gelios Litica, Hossa Varada, Hypsif Teuto, Inuro Akaru, Maleus Terato, Selaph Marie, and Somo Genu.

Background HistoryEdit


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