Types of articles

There are a lot of different articles allowed on this wiki. There aren't very many restrictions. We want you guys to get creative! Below is a list of different articles that could be written. If you want to write an article that isn't one of the ones below, ask Feather on her talk page and she'll let you know if it's allowed or not. The answer will probably be yes!


We want lots of character articles! Characters can be any species you want: human, creature, or even alien. There is information on character layouts here. The character layout can be found here.


If there is a specific group, organization, or association in your story/world that your characters are or are not part of, feel free to make an article about it.


This wiki allows top ten lists so feel free to make them! Also you can make lists of characters. For example, Elasia List is a list of all the characters in Elasia.


Stories are encouraged as well. Although they require more work the outcome can be very rewarding. If you have written a story on another website, you can still make an article about your story and then add a link to the story at the top of the page. Include the basic plot, characters, and locations. The story layout can be found here.


When writing a story, include chapters. The chapter layout can be found here and the infobox can be found here. More info on the template can be found here.



This is usually the world in which your story takes place or your characters live in. However your world doesn't have to be inhabited. It could just be...a world. The world layout can be found here, the infobox can be found here, and more info on it can be found here.


Write an article about a made-up country. The country layout is being planned out so feel free to make it however you want.


Write an article about a made-up city. The city could be on Earth or another planet.


Write an article about any species that lives on your planet, whether it be animal, plant, or humanoid.


Make up a language and write an article on it.


Make an article for the city newspaper.

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