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The Assasin is a story taking place on a planet called Daraction, with the main character being "the assasin" also known as Jason Knoll.



The Assasin, Jason Knoll, has always had a unique ability and has always lived on his own on the almost dictated planet of Daraction. He has been hunted for a while, yet Jason does not know why yet, he just knows he has to constantly be on the move and learn to hide in the shadows. The Hunters now have no clue on where he is, but Jason knows he needs to bring justice to this planet....Even if it means him becoming an Assasin.


  • Jason Knoll, a fifteen year-old trying to bring justice to Daraction and discover his hidden power.
  • Jethran Ames, a normal 16 year-old living on Main City trying to stop The Hunters.
  • Talorm Artemis, a hunter that is hunting Jason and trying keep Daraction under his and The Hunters' command.
  • The Hunters, a group of daraction men that hunt certain Daraction civilians and for some reason are hunting Jason.

Characters will be added.



A planet, weak on the law, being the home to Jason, and the hunters as well.

Locations in Daraction:


Note:Most of these are listed here with a basic description for my own personal reference. If you do not want to know what happens, don't read the chapter info.

Chapter 1: The story so farEdit

A basic chapter showing you where Jason is and when he decides to inspect hunter central to get some information on why he is being hunted. This chapter shows you the basic facts making it easier to understand the next chapters.

Chapter 2: Hot on the trailEdit

The Hunters find the rebel's hideout along with Jason and try to track him. Jason having to run from The Hunters sloppily cleans up his footsteps but The Hunters are now on his trail.

Chapter 3: I (almost) didn't get away with itEdit

After The Hunters pin-point where Jason is, they track him to his location and he has to fight them off or let himself get captured. A new character is also introduced, Talorm Artemis.

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