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Green guy
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 14
Land of Origin Gladia
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Green
Weapon None
Power Life-caller
Political Information
Occupation None
Allies Safira
Enemies Weaponists

Taren is a fourteen-year-old human from the land Gladia. After his village was destroyed by Weaponists he went on a journey to warn others of the Weaponists' destructive power.


Like many of the Gladians, Taren has green hair and green eyes that stand out among the other nations as an oddity. And like all the other Gladians, Taren caries no weapons. Gladians are known as the symbol of peace in Elasia.


After his village was destroyed, Taren became closed-in, only speaking if someone else starts a conversation. However after getting to know more people he became more open. Taren is friendly and kind to his friends and people he doesn't know. However he has an underlying desire for revenge on the Weaponists for ruining his life and killing all he loved.



Taren has a strong talent as a life-caller. He is capable of reviving dead plants, manipulating the earth, summoning creatures of the forest, and speaking with animals. Taren can also gain energy from strong life sources such as trees.



After his village was destroyed, Safira was the first person to be genuinely kind to him. After he traveled to Ellesmir she stood up for him and allowed him to live in the fortress under her care. They became good friends. Safira eventually became Taren's main love interest.

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