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Talorm is the main antagonist in the story, The Assasin, also Jason's worst enemy.
Talorm Artemis
Biographical Information
Race Daraction humanoid
Age 42
Land of Origin Zaros
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Slightly grey
Weapon Power charges, power charge guns, LDDs, explosive chains, stunners
Power None
Political Information
Occupation Hunter
Allies The Hunters
Enemies Jason Knoll, his prey

Talorm is the leader of the hunters in the Main City area. Since Talorm is in a high position of hunter he is often referred to as a "head hunter", as he is basically head of the hunters in Main City. Talorm's name means "mortal" in daraction code, Talorm dislikes this fact because he likes to think of himself as more than mortal.


Talorm's skin is white, he has brown hair and eyes that are, for some reason, slightly grey. He wears clothing typical to the hunters, a grey long-sleeve shirt with the hunters' symbol on it, an old-fashioned Daraction trench-coat over the grey shirt, and black pants. He also has a belt that has his power charge gun on, some extra loads for it, and a com radio, which is typical to most hunters.


Very vain, has little care for anyone or anything but himself, will stop at literally nothing to catch his "prey". Talorm also gets easily angered when he is disobeyed, and when angered Talorm gets distracted.


Talorm is good when it comes to no weapons, as he is very strong and pretty well in using just brute force. He is a master of all of his weapons, and intends to use them fully. He also knows Main City very well making it hard to escape or hide from him without him and his hunter ambushing you. Also uses the database to his advantage.


Jason KnollEdit

Jason Knoll is one of Talorm's many prey, yet with all of Talorm's advantages Jason has managed to escape and has since been hiding. Talorm hates Jason because he hates being tricked and losing, he still tries to find Jason, but still has not.


Talorm grew up in Main City, and eventually joined the hunters and a few years after he joined, the Jason Knoll case started. Talorm thought this was going to be an easy catch but Jason fled, and has not been found since. After months to even years of trying, Talorm eventually moved on and continued with other hunts.

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