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Tail way
The Tailspin Galaxy is positioned far away from the Milky Way Galaxy and has strange species unheard of anywhere else in the universe.


Tailspin is named for the two tail-like collections of dust that trail outwards away from the rest of the galaxy. The galaxy also appears to be spinning in a counter-clockwise direction because of the way the tails are curved.

It is also possible that it is called "Tailspin" because of the largest planet, Flume, which is inhabited by many unique furry creatures with tails.


The galaxy was born when a giant star exploded, known as "Mother Star" by the inhabitants of the four worlds. Four dwarf planets were formed from the blast, each similar in geography yet vastly different in life. The four dwarf planets started out with microscopic life, gradually advancing into multi-celled organisms. Now there are many different species and each planet is drastically different from the rest.

Celestial ObjectsEdit


Ballish: a planet inhabited by balls of all shapes and sizes

Yummi: a planet completely covered by desserts of all kinds

Flume: a planet inhabited by many unique critters

Squiggly: a planet home to strange 2D creatures known as "squigs"



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