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A love squig

Squigs are two-dimensional beings that live on the planet Squiggly in the Tailspin Galaxy, Uppertail System. There are many different types of squigs, one being the love squig shown to the right.

Squigs are special because each one represents a sentiment from the human species on Earth.


The name "squig" is short for "squiggle." According to, a squiggle is:

  1. A mark or movement in the form of a wavy line; curlicue
  2. An illegible scrawl

The squig creatures are each a line drawn with different curves, bends and/or spirals.



Straight from the human's imagination, the dream squig is half a star with a spiral much like the love squig. They are one of the most uncommon of all the squigs, found only in regions of many clouds and much light. Dream squigs represent fantasy and imagination.


Fish squig


Closely resembling the Earthly fish, the fish squig has a fish-like head with a spiral for a tail. They use the spiral as a kind of propeller to move them around in their gaseous world. Fish squigs represent perseverance and hard work.


This squig is a balance of bends and curves, shaped like a heart with a spiral tail. They love the warm sunlight of Surya and are usually found in areas with little to no clouds. Love squigs represent affection and passion.


Many beings question themselves and the world around them and that is how the question squig came into being. Shaped like a question mark, they are travelers of their world, always looking for new places to explore. Question squigs represent curiousity and innocence.


Much like the circle, spiral squigs can go on forever. Like their name says, they are shaped like a spiral. Some spirals are almost three-diminsional with no limit on their size. Spiral squigs represent eternity and hope.


Similar to the dream squig, star squigs are shaped like stars missing one side. These squigs shine brightly for all to see whether they are in the dark or the light. Star squigs represent joy and talent.


Storm squigs represent confusion and agility.


String squigs represent playfulness and joy.


Tie squigs represent formality and foolishness.


Twist squigs represent uniqueness and friendship.


Wind squigs represent change and visions.

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