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Need some help? Don't know where to start? Hopefully this page can help.


The links at the top of the page can guide you to the different help pages that will guide you and help you make your pages. "Main Page" leads back to the main page. This is the "Introduction" page. "Layout" has links and helpful tips for the different types of articles you can make, including how to categorize them. "Template" is a list of templates that you will use most often, including the property template.

ƈɾεმէἶղց მ րმցεEdit

To create a page, look in the upper right-hand corner below your username (or, if you're logged out, "Log in" and "Sign up") and above the Recent Wiki Activity and "Search this wiki" bar. Above the purple stripe is the world "Contribute" with a small icon. Click the drop-down box and then "Add a Page."

When creating a page, choose "Blank." If you are unsure of the proper layout to use for the page you are making, see Layout.

To see the full list of articles that can be written see Types of Articles.

ղმოἶղց მ րმցεEdit

When naming a character page, name the page after the character. World pages should be named after the world and story pages should be the title of the story/episode. For more details see the Layout page.

What if the name I want to use is already taken?Edit

If you wanted to use the name "Candy" and someone already used that name, add another letter to the name. For example, "Candy X." It could be the first initial of their last name or a random initial you choose. In order to prevent this from happening, if your character has a last name use their full name when creating the article. For example, if your character's name is Molly Sherman, title her page "Molly Sherman" not "Molly."

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