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This page will give you the details on categories.

Your CategoriesEdit

Every user should have their own category. Your category should be your username. In that category should be categories for every story/world you make. The category for the story/world should be categorized under your username. Confused?

  1. ​Go to the category you've made for your story.
  2. If you haven't already, click "Create" and write something like "All articles for StoryName here."
  3. Add your username as a category.

For another example see Category:Featherlight.

Character CategoriesEdit

The following is a list of all the different categories your character should have.

  1. Male or Female
  2. Human, Elf, Vampire, Mermaid, etc; if your character is more than one species put both species.
  3. Pirate, royalty, rogue, etc; basically, what position are they in society? If they were different positions at different times, put both positions down.
  4. Weapon or Magic; if your character uses weapons and magic put both. (Superhuman speed/strength/etc is considered magic.)
  5. Weapon type: Bow and Arrow, Knife, Sword, etc; if your character uses more than one put all they use.
  6. Your username.
  7. Whatever world the character is in UNLESS they are a random character.

Story CategoriesEdit

Every main page should have the categories "Story" and then your username. The main page should also have a category with the name of the story. For example, the story Scandal by Spottedpelt7 should have three categories on its main page: Story, Scandal, and Spottedpelt7.

The chapter pages should have your username and the title of the story. A Scandal chapter should have the categories Scandal and Spottedpelt7.

World CategoriesEdit

Every world should have at least two categories: "World" and your username. It should have the name of your world as a category. For example, the world Fluffy would have "Fluffy" as a category. HOWEVER if your article is centered around a story, DO NOT have Fluffy as a category. Have the title of the story instead.

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