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This is a creative wiki where you can create characters, worlds, stories, and anything else you can think up.

Make your people, create a world, write a story! Feel free to make your own characters and be awesome! Create fantasy characters with magical powers or super gun skills. Write an awesome story about your characters if you want. The possibilties are endless and the rules are unlimiting. Choose to make a ninja or maybe a mermaid. Do whatever you want. You can just make a bunch of random people - a story isn't necessary. So go ahead and start creating!

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Safira is an elf skilled in archery and controlling storms. She's young as far as elves go but quick to learn. She is usually reserved but has mixed feelings about the human boy Taren. The thrill of adventure draws her away from her land of Ellesmir and on a journey with Taren to warn the world of the Weaponists' power. Safira was born in 2000 EL to two unknown parents. At one Elven year, she was bethrothed to Raijin, another young child high up in society. She met him at six Elven years. Along with practicing archery and storm-calling, she spent time with him. In 2140 EL, Safira was 14 Elven years old. Raijin, 15 Elven years old, was killed by a rogue fire-caller from the Fira Chain, creating a lasting grudge that would cause many problems many years later in her life... Read more.

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