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Main City is the most important city in all of Zaros, and Daraction as well. Since the government of Daraction is weak, everything basically revolves around Zaros and Main City, mainly because Zaros is inhabited while Gar is not, and the main governmental buildings are in Main City, also the main faction, The Hunters.

Economic StatusEdit

The economy is good in Main City, so this city has skyscrapers, many small businesses, and houses ranging from medium price, to mansion price.


Main City doesn't have much of a history, it was just one of the many important cities founded when Zaros economy improved.


Aeir is the leader of Main City, also the leader of Zaros. He's the main leader of Daraction because of how everything revolves around Zaros.


Hunter CentralEdit

Hunter Central is the headquarters for the hunters, which has granted the street's name (not legitimately) it rests on as hunter central. This area may be in Main City but some consider it a different place all on its own.

Tree of lifeEdit

The "tree of life" is one of the oldest trees on Zaros and it has been around since Darac's time and is considered a monument because it has many etches in its trunk showing drawings from back when Darac was around.

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