Biographical Information
Race Partial flame spirit
Age Around fourteen (14)
Land of Origin Unknown
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark ginger
Eye Colour A deep orange-red
Weapon Dagger or bow and arrow
Power Fire
Political Information
Occupation Thief
Allies Alexi, good Others
Enemies Rogue Others

Kaia is a fourteen year old girl who lives on her own in the woods. Her mother is a flame spirit who was banished from the forest where she resides for conferring with a human. Therefore Kaia is wanted by most other flame spirits to avenge her mother's crimes. After her mother was banished when she was nine, Kaia's father deserted her to become a rougue with no rules. He has ruthlessly hunted for Others to recruit or kill, and believes that by killing his daughter, he will be able to erase the greif that he has been brought because of her. After meeting Alexi, Kaia decides that maybe she should try to trust someone again, and tries to forgive her parents for what they have done.