Josephine Judasia Iskariot
Josephine Iskariot
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Mid-teens (15-17)
Birthday: February 26th
Land of Origin North America
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Vibrant green
Weapon None
Power None
Political Information
Occupation Civilian
Allies Joseph Iskariot
Enemies The law

Josephine Iskariot is a human teenage civilian living in a trailer park with her brother, Joseph, with whom she shares a romantic relationship with.


A teenager, she often wears jelly shoes and wrist bands, and enjoys going to raves. She harbored intense sexual feelings for her sibling for unknown reasons and eventually the two committed incest, although it was initiated by her brother.

She is a natural redhead, with short hair extending to her chin and cutting off clean there, complemented by squared bangs hiding her forehead. She has a pale complexion that is offset on her face by a small amount of freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks (with a small trace of more freckles across her bosom). Her vibrant green eyes often flashed a hint of mischief, and the smirk that would often cross her face supported this.


Iskariots MS Sprite

The Iskariot twins share a... close bond.

Josephine is a clever girl, who greatly enjoys going to raves, letting the music take her as she dances the night away. She is great with secrets, able to keep her relationship with her brother from being noticeable or suspicious to anyone. When around Joseph alone she tends to be giddy and giggly, greatly enjoying his company while when there are others nearby she keeps her distance from him for the most part, instead shooting him simple, knowing glances when the opportunity arises.


Being a regular human being and a civilian at that, Josephine possesses no unique abilities.


Josephine has crossed a threshold few would cross with her brother Joseph, and the two now share an incestuous relationship unbeknownst to their mother.

Background HistoryEdit

Her brother and her began their relationship when he caught her naked in the back of their trailer. His desire got the best of him and he acted in a way few would. She was surprisingly compliant to this act and after conjugating their newly reformed relationship, the two continued to secretly date behind all of their friend's and family's backs.

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