Irin Norse, the leader of Darkov.
Irin Norse
Biographical Information
Race Daraction humanoid
Age 28
Land of Origin Darkov
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue-ish
Weapon Sword
Power None
Political Information
Occupation Leader
Allies The Hunters
Enemies Jason Knoll

Irin Norse is a egotistic dictator that loves nothing more than power and intimidation. He is the leader of a corrupt town called Darkov.


Irin has black hair tanned skin and his eyes are blue-ish. He wears old era leader clothing to show that he's a leader he also wears a cape and carries a sword.


Irin wants power and loves to intimidate people into doing things for him, he doesn't care about the people of Darkov at all, just about his own needs. Whenever someone refuses to listen to him, he'll shoot them a cold stare and it typically gets them to listen.


He is a master of the sword, and is fair in hand-tohand combat.


The HuntersEdit

The Hunters have been allies to Irin for a long time, he agrees to help them as they promise him more power if he deos.


Almost no important history.