Inuro Akaru
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Biographical Information
Race Diakatanian Human
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Taia
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Weapon Scythe
Dual Sickles
Political Information
Occupation Grain Farmer (former)
Knight Errant
Allies Divine Errant
King Taius
Enemies Vuul'huukos
Cult of Bone

Inuro Akaru, known as "the Deadly Mantis", is a knight errant amongst the second Divine Errant with a preference for scythes, although he will also use sickles.





Akaru has a close working relationship with King Taius and the rest of the Divine Errant, which includes the following: Arrhen Remato, Atella Istemo, Ceno Mito, Duke Waller, Gelios Litica, Hossa Varada, Hypsif Teuto, Maleus Terato, Selaph Marie, Somo Genu, and Ulro Galiph.

Background HistoryEdit

Having been born a farmer in a distant land, he spent his days farming grains—the perfect life for him, as it was how he had grown up. However, a large swarm of insects led to the destruction of their crops and those plants which did survive was mostly poisoned by their saliva, which led to hundreds of deaths from kidney failure, a direct cause of the poisonous saliva of the locust-like insect swarms.

After the deaths of his fellow villagers, Akaru had an existential crisis and decided to find himself. He traveled the world, taking odd jobs but never feeling accomplished—that is until he arrived in the great nation of Taia, where he would be contacted by representatives of the nation's king, Erdwold Taius. Having heard of Akaru's mastery of field tools in battle and his background in mercenary work, Taius believed he would make a worthy addition to his new Errant.


  • His name stems from the words Albuminurophobia (Fear of kidney disease) and a choicely-Asian mutation of Acarophobia (Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching).
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