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A primitive hund.

are large dog/wolf-like creatures that are possibly the fastest creatures on Daraction, they also have a powerful bite, strong claws, and a great ability to sneak up on anything. Some wild hunds will be in packs. These creatures are commonly used by The Hunters. Well trained hunds can be shown a picture of who to catch and will begin to sense where it needs to go.


There are two types of hunds, the hunt (ing) hund (also called mega hund), which is usually the leader of hunds when they are in a pack and are significantly larger, and of course the typical hund. There is also the primitive hund, the original hund that Darac and the rest of the people trying to civalise Daraction encountered, but these are no longer counted because they adapted into the typical hund of today and no longer exist.


Its name is similar to the Earth word "hound" which may prove that there might have been a connection between Daraction and Earth.


Hunds can be found almost everywhere on Daraction and many stray hunds lurk in the cities.