Hossa Varada
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Biographical Information
Race Diakatanian Human
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Taia
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Amber
Weapon Longsword
Power Expert knight
Political Information
Occupation Knight
Allies Divine Errant
King Taius
Enemies Vuul'huukos
Cult of Bone

Hossa Varada is a knight errant serving in the second Divine Errant. He has a preference for the longsword.



Hossa is a narcissist, known for his major ego complex as well as for being a chauvinist pig. He believes that he is better than anyone else—God's gift to the planet, perhaps—and does not believe that women should be allowed to fight alongside men, let alone serve in the Errant.

He picks on Arrhen the most out of the femme errants because of her despising of men.



He considers his fellow errant members as lower than himself, but, although he does not admit it out loud, does consider his king, Erdwold Taius, as above him. He also considers his membership amongst the Divine Errant with great pride, although he is known to take this too far. This puts him at odds with his coworkers, they mostly keep this to themselves to keep a decent working environment. Despite this, his chauvinistic tendencies leave him at his greatest odds with any and all females, especially those whom he works with, specifically Arrhen Remato and Atella Istemo.

His uncomfortable working relationship with the males in his errant include Aximo Coimet, Ceno Mito, Duke Waller, Gelios Litica, Hypsif Teuto, Inuro Akaru, Maleus Terato, Selaph Marie, Somo Genu, and Ulro Galiph.

Background HistoryEdit

He is in fact the product of a very abusive family, and he watched his father murder both his mother and sister; converting to his father's way of thinking kept him alive as a child after the events.


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