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Haulxi Leone
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Biographical Information
Race Terran
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Unspecified
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brunette
Eye Colour Amber
Weapon Standard issue UFCL space marine captain equipment
Power Unspecified
Political Information
Occupation Space Marine Platoon Commander
Allies United Federation of Celestial Lifeforms
Iaki Lajud
Nereid Agonis
Rhichard Strank
Rhilus Venk
Syler Korsse
Enemies The Scourge, The Crux

Captain Haulxi Leone is a space marine platoon commander in the United Federation of Celestial Lifeforms, commonly shortened to simply UFCL.





Background historyEdit

A Terran platoon commander aboard the UNAS Firm Handshake, a customized battlecruiser of the UFCL, Captain Leone is a highly respected individual, with a distinguished career involving many battles against the Crux though nothing that had made her out to be a heroine. She was there when Corporal Syler Korsse of the UNAS Righteous Course was rescued, and listened to his story about the Scourge invasion of the planet Ryol. Although not intentionally blowing his mission report off, she stated to him that he was far from known Scourge territory and was now instead amongst the territory of the "far greater threat" of the Crux. Having known the overall belief ideals of those aboard the Righteous Course, she informed Korsse that she was more of the ideal of allowing the various UFCL members to serve and aid each other as much as possible, and that her platoon had more xenos in it than he was probably used to seeing. She sincerely informed him that she hoped it would not affect his performance when she accepted him as an additional member to her own platoon ranks.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although a strong female in command, she is never portrayed as "OMG THIS CHARACTER IS FEMALE SURPRISE!!" ala Samus nor is she given a bitchy "holier than thou" attitude. She also does not ever serve as a Damsel in Distress nor as a love interest for any characters; that being said, Specialist Nereid Agonis, being a sort of "dark Adonis" character, does show sexual interest in his commanding officer when only amongst male friends and colleagues, although he does not overtly express this directly to her nor do the feelings ever get reciprocated—Haulxi is there to get the job done and has never shown any attraction to Agonis, ignorant either purposefully or unintentionally. Unlike Captain Alynn Slater before her, she survives the Scourge series intact.

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