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Biographical Information
Race Tlillisk
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Tlis
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour None
Eye Colour Red
Weapon Innumerable tendrils
Political Information
Occupation Scout-Spy
Allies Iskian Empire
Enemies None (currently)

Gua is a Tlillisk scout-spy serving the Iskian Empire.

He has been sent to Terra, also known as Earth, homeworld of the Terran species, where he follows a specific group of individuals around. While they do consider him to be creepy as he has a huge head and massive eye, turns his head slowly and is completely mute, he is also only 3ft tall and is believed to be entirely harmless.


Gua is atypical of Tlillisk spy-scouts, as his species are normally fairly indistinguishable from one another in terms of outward appearance. With this in mind, he has a large, bulbous head centered around a large, cycloptic eye and huge, thin but durable ears. He wears the uniform of a Tlillisk Scout-Spy in accordance to Iskian law.


Gua's personality is roughly equivalent to that of any other Tlillisk, as far as most others are concerned. Due to their being totally mute as they evolved to communicate through pheromones instead, they have an inability to properly interact with most other species in the galaxy. While he seems to be completely harmless, he is both ready and completely willing to eschew this false threat level and reveal his true self, even slay as many Terrans as physically possible should his Iskian overlords demand it. Perhaps because of being mute, he will follow their orders with unquestioned loyalty.


As with all other Tlillisks, Gua is little more than a head and an extensive mass of tendrils. Their species have evolved in such a way as to allow them to utilize their tendrils as small stabbing tools. This is because the overall shape of each tendril is not stuck in this form, making them somewhat more akin to pseudopods. The amount of mass in each tendril remains the same, but it can be stretched out on its length to such an extreme that the tips can be thinned out to be mere atoms across at their end.


Tlillisks are completely incapable of uttering sound and instead speak through pheromones. Unfortunately, their Iskian overlords do not care for their species' culture due to not being able to understand them even at all at a particularly rudimentary level and therefore most Tlillisk serving the Empire are sent out on their own to various worlds to silently spy on potential threats or allies; Gua is no exception. As he is unable to communicate at all with the species he watches, and because they see him as posing little to no threat to their existence, he is largely unknown to the masses. Due to this, he has no real relationships of any kind, though he does follow several Terrans around, to their chagrin.

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