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Gar is the second continent on Daraction, which is mainly uncivilised and mainly being home to the nature of Daraction.


Mainly just nature reserved area, and pretty much flat.


The only history of Gar is that when things civalised, this land remained without cities and as a free land ever since.


Gar does not really have a government, but like Zaros it is controlled by the hunters.




There are very few careers on Gar but many have plantations and farms on Gar that grow most of the food that is all over Daraction. There is also a prison, one of the largest and most guarded on the planet, which is mainly used for criminals on Gar and the worst criminals from Zaros. There are other small jobs such as catching various rare animals and bringing them to Zaros for entertainment.


Being less civalised than Zaros, it does not have many forms of technology and just some houses and plantations or farms in various areas.