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Freezer Pro Wrestler
Biographical Information
Race Human
Land of Origin
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black (natural)
White (dyed)
Eye Colour Ice Blue (contacts)
Political Information
Occupation Professional Wrestler
Enemies Count Smackula

Freezer is a professional wrestler employed by the Wrestlevania circuit with an obviously ice-themed gimmick.


Possessing an icy-theme to himself, his skin is pale from a lack of sunlight (though in reality he simply wears facial powder like goths) and his eyes are ice-blue (believed by many who consider the pro wrestling circuit fake to be, in actuality, contacts) while his hair is platinum white. His pauldrons are based on the concept of icicles while his belt represents blocks of ice, like those used in igloos. Around his hands and feet are large furry "hand/foot warmers" to represent the aspect of snow. He has been known to wear ancient Inupiaq snow goggles, though he does not always do so.




Freezer's icy disposition has afforded him few friends in life. No friends of his are known outside of the circuit (and may not even exist at all). Even so, he is closest to Ice, another ice-themed wrestler within Wrestlevania, though they are not exactly friends, either. Instead, they are simply two grumpy individuals who can actually stand to be around one another.

Generally speaking, he finds the other wrestlers obnoxious for one reason or another, including Count Smackula himself.

Background HistoryEdit


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