The Divine Errant is a knights errant employed by the elderly king Erdwold Taius, serving three roles in the kingdom: As the generals of his army, as his personal bodyguards, and as a select group of specialized diimonhunters.

It is this last role that they are best known for, and which takes them all over the world of Diakatan in search of diimons to slay. This has led them into the Badlands on more than one occasion, where they have encountered the mysterious ninja, Citrus.

When the original team died during a mission with the exception of one member, a second team was founded with this member in a supporting role. While the original Divine Errant only held members of Taius' own nation, Stois, the second Errant was filled with the best of the best from all Human nations around the world (with the exception of the rogue nation of Nuhrlund).

First team's membersEdit

Second team's membersEdit

Countries of origin are listed in small parentheses after the character's name.

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