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Daraction, the main planet in The Assasin.
Galaxy Milky Way
Solar System Lytosphere
Orbital Position First
Suns One, Lytos
Moons Three
Rotation Period 30 hours
Orbital Period 400 days
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Oxygen
Climate Various.
Terrain Grassy plains, pavement streets, small mountain areas
Gravity Standard
Surface Water 100%
Species Daraction humanoid, viscous, saroslyth, hund, reptal.
Language English, and code
Government Weak
Population Ten million
Major Cities Main City, Central City

Daraction is a planet with dangerous creatures and many animals, technology is more advanced and space travel is more developed. However, all humans here do not know that there are other planets with life. This planet has a weak government making it hard to preserve the law. The main language of Daraction is English but their is an old language called code, which is not used often, and not many know this language.


Daraction was named after Darac, the first leader when it came to civalising the planet. "Tion" means land in Daraction code. Daraction's name really means "Land of Darac".


This planet's surface is similar to Earth's, but for the most part, away from cities, there are just plains and forested areas. There are two large continents, but only one is largely inhabited.



Zaros is the continent in the middle of Daraction, this continent houses many cities including Main City, the most important city on the planet. The smaller half of Zaros has the tree of life and a nature reserve.


Gar is the long continent on the side of Daraction, which doesn't have any cities and is the main area for plantations and this is where most fruits and vegetables are grown and sold, besides this, it is mainly reserved for animals.


The HuntersEdit

The Hunters are a group of men that hunt certain people and currently are above the law on this planet.


Daraction humanoidEdit

Daraction humanoids are humans from this planet. They are the sapient species and most live in Zaros.


Viscous are strange slug-like creatures that can be very large and have teeth that are retractable, and they are also translucent.


Saroslyths are serpent-like creatures that are venomous and can easily kill, they can blend in with their surroundings, similarly to chameleons, making them hard to spot and even more dangerous.


Hunds are dog/wolf like creatures that are great for hunting, attacking, and guarding.


Reptals are small reptilic creatures that are very fast and sneaky, most are found on Gar.

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