This is the layout for your character. To see an example of a character layout, see Safira.

  • Okay, this paragraph is an introduction giving a summary about your character.


This is what your character looks like. What do they usually wear? Do they carry any weapons?


What are your character's traits? Depressed, excitable, jittery, impassive? What are their morals? What do they believe in?


What are their specialties? Swordsmanship, marksmanship, weapons, hand-to-hand combat/martial arts, strength, agility, endurance, magical powers? They can have more than one but don't make them invincible.


Who are their family? Their friends? Allies and enemies? Other people they've met randomly?


What's the story of their life? Who have they met? Where have they been? History is optional but to make a strong article it's better to have.

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