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Biographical Information
Race Robot
Age Unknown
Land of Origin Scovia
Physical Characteristics
Gender N/A
Hair Colour N/A
Eye Colour Blue when active, black when dormant
Weapon Lasers
Power Tracking, hover
Political Information
Occupation Robot
Allies Cherry
Enemies Previous owner

Bug is a small spherical robot that Cherry found. It possesses many unique abilties that make it a very intelligent, dangerous bot - although its small appearance may lead people to believe otherwise.


Bug is a silver-colored sphere-shaped robot. Bug's silver body contains billions of sensors and includes an interface allowing it to project media forms such as images or messages. It has two large eyes that glow aqua blue when it's "awake." When "asleep," its eyes turn off, resulting in black. Bug's eyes have the capability of sight, enabling it to view its surroundings in stunning clarity.


Although Bug was created to serve, it has a mind of its own. Bug is tempermental and often ignores commands as it can do as it pleases. This was probably the reason why Bug's previous owner discarded him, casuing Cherry to find the small bot in an alley, busted up and almost far as robots go.


Bug has numerous abilities which can't be listed as many are unknown. The ones that are known are: tracking, sonar, sight, interface (includes many abilties), touch, and camera.

Bot DetailsEdit

Frame: shape (sphere) w/ shapemorph capability

Size: nano (11.5 cm)

Traits: PG pack -obedience, curiosity, animalistic, intelligent, persevering

Abilities: tracking, sight/camera, shapemorph (see frame), hover, MI pack

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