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Redhead gal
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 16
Land of Origin -
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Yellow-orange
Eye Colour Green
Weapon None
Power Psychic
Political Information
Occupation Student at Callabra Academy
Allies Other students
Enemies Bad guys

Brianna is in tenth grade at the elite Callabra Academy among vampires and humans. Although she is a human, her psychic blood makes her one of the most powerful humans ever to walk the earth...she just doesn't know that yet.


Brianna's most noticable feature is her long red hair. She is one of the only redheads at the academy which makes her stand out, easy to spot. Of course this makes it easier for the vamps to avoid her. She carries no weapons although she is psychic.


This girl is not afraid to stand out! She's not afraid to make friends or talk to people - at least not most of the time.

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