Beezertl Large MS Sprite
Biographical Information
Race Japanese Sage Cricket
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin North America
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour N/A
Eye Colour Black
Weapon N/A
Power Able to communicate with Owcelet
Political Information
Occupation Cricket
Owcelet's conscience
Allies Owcelet
Oki Tsukino
Shiike Tsukino
Romiko Tsukino
Enemies The Gohd Invasionary Force
Beezertl MS Sprite

Beezertl is a blue-hued cricket that is kept by the Psininja master Owcelet. It seems to be intelligent and seemingly responds to others' conversations and questions, however as is typical of crickets it simply chirps. Owcelet appears to be able to understand it and in fact Beezertl seems to be the "conscience" of Owcelet. Coincidentally, Beezertl often argues with Owcelet and his strange ideas.


Physically speaking, beyond a bluish hue and a more upright, observant posture, Beezertl is no different in appearance than your typical cricket holotype. He has six legs and three segmented body parts—the head, thorax, and abdomen. He has two incredibly long antennae and chirps by vibrating his wings together through a method known as stridulation.

In real life, he is always drawn as a short, limbless blue blob with very long antennae.


Beezertl acts as the conscience to his master and owner, the great psionic ninja grandmaster, Owcelet, who has began to turn somewhat lecherous and senile in his old age. Although unable to really help the psininjas he watched being raised and trained, he is proud of them and considers himself essentially as their cheerleader during battles.

He dearly cares for the Tsukino sisters, almost to a level of fatherly figure. He is suspicious of the activities of boys around the girls. He is at the same time almost embarrassed by Owcelet's increasingly eccentric personality.


Beezertl's only real abilities would be his above average common sense and an incredible level of speed and agility for his size, allowing him to escape harm that would be directed towards him or would indirectly injure him.



Beezertl is most closely associated with Owcelet, his owner. However, he has grown to find his master occasionally lecherous and usually ridiculous, and has grown to serve as a sort of conscience for the great psininja. He is also very proud of Owcelet's three students, the Tsukino sisters. Beyond this he is unable to properly communicate with other individuals, being nothing more than a (highly intelligent) cricket.

He holds Shiike's friend Goroku Himei with suspicion, considering him little more than a "dumb boy" in a manner akin to a fatherly figure protecting his daughter (in this case, Shiike). Once aboard the StarGazer, he grows to greatly dislike and even fear Katt, who has some instinctual desire to chase him around and possibly eat him.

He greatly enjoys the chance to socialize with other crickets, although he does not get this opportunity very often.

Background HistoryEdit


  • Beezertl was inspired by six pet crickets the creator, Thor Steinbach had when he was a kid.
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