Aximo Coimet
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Biographical Information
Race Diakatanian Human
Age Unspecified
Land of Origin Taia
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Weapon Bastard Sword
Political Information
Occupation Knight Errant
Allies Divine Errant
King Taius
Enemies Vuul'huukos
Cult of Bone

Aximo Coimet is a knight errant amongst the second Divine Errant.





Coimet was very close to his family and townsfolk before their untimely murders.

Since that day he has had a close working relationship with King Taius and the rest of the Divine Errant: Arrhen Remato, Atella Istemo, Ceno Mito, Duke Waller, Gelios Litica, Hossa Varada, Hypsif Teuto, Inuro Akaru, Maleus Terato, and Ulro Galiph.

Background HistoryEdit

Aximo is the last surviving member of his entire family, whom were all wiped out by a ruthless band of Black Orcs. These Black Orcs raided the town while he and all other strong males of his village were out attempting to locate and take down the Black Orc encampment, which had been endangering their people for some time by then.

In grief-stricken valor, he swore to protect the innocent from that day forward, as long as he still lives. King Erdwold Taius, after the loss of all but one member of his original Divine Errant dug deeply to try and find the best choices for his new squadron of enforcers and guardians. He discovered the existence of the former guardian Aximo who would be brave to the end because he had nothing left to lose, and sought him out. Aximo was very easily swayed, eager to use his valor for the most meaningful of reasons, hoping to die for a great cause.


  • His name is a combination of Ataxiophobia (fear of ataxia - lack of muscle coordination), Eremophobia (Fear of being oneself or of loneliness) and Coimetrophobia (fear of cemeteries).
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