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Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 16
Land of Origin Fira Chain
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Amber
Weapon Sword
Power Fire
Political Information
Occupation Best friend of the Emperor's daughter
Allies Emperor & his family
Enemies Weaponists

Amber is a sixteen-year-old girl high up in society. She has fire powers and is good with a sword but all her abilities are overshadowed by her older brother Kai, the favorite in the family. Her best friend is the daughter of the emperor, Nia, making Amber almost royalty. She can be cunning but she has vowed to always use her abilities for good, not evil.


Amber is named for her amber eyes. Although many people in the Fira Chain have amber-colored eyes, Amber's are different in the fact that they have a certain light to them that makes her look stunning. She also has blonde hair. Unlke most Firans she prefers blue and green as her casual colors. She always has a headband wrapped around her forehead. Amber believes that she needs to be able to protect her friend at all times and therefore keeps a sword at her waist at all times.


Loyalty is one of Amber's strongest traits. She will always protect her friends and those she loves even if it means putting herself in danger. Amber can also be cunning, thinking up devious plans to get what she wants (or in some cases, what someone else wants). She's also friendly, willing to strike up a conversation with anyone. When speaking with adults, Amber is always very civilized as that is the way she was raised.



Amber is adept as using the sword, although not as good as her brother Kai. When she first started training she would go into the bamboo forest near the village to get used to handling a sword and practice slashing bamboo stalks. After she was adept with moving the sword she moved on to targeting and attacking, making dummies out of sticks, stones, and anything else she could find.



For a long time, Amber and Kai have been rivals. Kai is the favorite of the family and the emperor is also very fond of him. Although Amber grudgingly owes Kai her acquaintence with Crown Princess Nia, she has no love for him and feels no loyalty towards her family, most of all him.


Nia is Amber's best friend and the person closest to her heart. Amber's loyalty to Nia is far beyond her loyalty to anyone else. Amber woudl give her life if it allowed Nia to be out of harm's way.